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TNT TOEIC Introductory Course (Volume 2)

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Giới thiệu

TNT TOEIC Series is a three-level preparation course for the TOEIC test, which is intended to help learners at beginners and intermediate levels to develop the strategies, skills and vocabulary that are necessary to do well on the test.

TNT TOEIC Introductory ONE, is for learners at high-beginner level whose target TOEIC score is in the range of 350-400. The book consists of 20 listening units and 20 reading units, which focus on TOEIC listening testing points practice and basic grammar items to help learners at this level tackle the test with some confidence. The grammar section in this book covers the most fundamental aspects of English grammar such as nouns, pronouns, adverbs, subject-verb agreement and basic verb patterns.

TNT TOEIC Introductory TWO, is intended for pre-intermediate learners who want to aim for a higher TOEIC score range of 380-450. The book consists of 20 listening units and 20 reading units, providing the learners with TOEIC-style listening practice and key lessons on more difficult grammar aspects such as tenses, subordination, comparisons and ellipses.
TNT TOEIC BASIC provides a clear, systematic approach for intermediate learners who need to score 500 or higher on the TOEIC. The book consists of 20 listening units and 20 reading units. The listening units give learners a closer look at all the 4 parts of the TOEIC listening section, strengthening their listening skills with some tips, skill-building exercises and TOEIC-like practice. The reading units cover many grammatical points which frequently occur in the TOEIC test, such as parts of speech, conditional sentences, passive voice, comparisons, etc.

The series has been designed in sequential order so that you can build up your skills, vocabulary, grammar and test-taking strategies as you move along. However, if you havent got time to do it all, you can always focus on those units that deal with the skills or aspects you need to improve and skip the units that you dont have time for. The grammar sections in the series may be used as a quick reference guide whenever you want to check a certain grammar aspect or review some grammar points during your preparation for the test.

Finally, if you want to aim for a higher score range of 550-750, TOEIC ICON series is your ideal choice.

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