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Essential Listening for IELTS (with CD)

Tác giả: Hu Min - John A Gordon - Nhà xuất bản: Nxb Tổng hợp TP. HCM

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Giới thiệu

 Essential Listening for IELTS is a comprehensive preparation course for the IELTS Listening Module. It is designed to target a broad range of IELTS test-takers, from the pre-intermediate learners to those who have a higher level of proficiency. Essential Listening for IELTS develops test-taking skills as well as language skills necessary for you to achieve an IELTS Listening score between 5.0 and 6.5.
Main features of Essential Listening for IELTS:
Preparation and practice material is organised into three levels: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate. The book consists of 26 units with 52 lessons. The units in each level are based on topics which frequently appear in the real test. There are 3 sections in every lesson:  
1. Pre-listening: provides you with background information about specific settings such as orientation, campus life, jobs, travel, etc. Language focus areas such as vocabulary and structure are also introduced through this section to prepare you for the actual listening activities in the next steps.
2. While listening: provides targeted practice exercises to develop test-taking and language skills specific to the IELTS test. These exercises are very similar to real-test items in terms of question types and the level of difficulty. Major question types include:
• Multiple choice
• Short-answer questions
• Sentence completion
• Notes/summary/diagram/flow-chart/table completion
• Labelling a diagram which has numbered parts
• Matching
3. Post-listening: reinforces the language and test-taking skills introduced in the previous sections through check-up grammar and listening exercises. Some activities provide the opportunities for speaking and discussion practice.
An integral workbook gives extra practice material as well as reinforces key points on language and test-taking skills. 
An audioscript contains all the textbook and workbook listening material on the CDs.
Keys to all textbook and workbook exercises are also included to help you check the answers and monitor your progress.
The material in Essential Listening for IELTS has been carefully selected and arranged in sequential order to facilitate systematic learning and building up your language proficiency as well as your test-taking skills. However, if you do not have time to do it all, you can always focus on those units, lessons, or exercises that suit your level and specific needs. 
Based on extensive research on the real-test format and rubrics, Essential Listening for IELTS is designed so that it can effectively assist you in achieving your target score in the shortest time possible. The authors are convinced that you will find Essential Listening for IELTS extremely helpful on your path to success with the International English Language Testing System.

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